[wp-hackers] Auto-generation of post

Bernard D. Tremblay (ben) bernard.d.tremblay at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 18:20:53 UTC 2010

I'm using VATSIM PHP (see 
What I'd like to do is take the data from filtered output and create a post.

So a certain pilot is online. I want to "post" using his data to 
populate the process.
Eventually I'd like to "edit" when the post already exists, but that's 
not an immediate requirement.

I'm sure it's do-able ... and I think this is paradigmatic of a certain 
work-flow i.e. there'd be other applications for this ... but this is 
way, way, /way/ over my head.

Am I just dreaming in technicolor there?


p.s. please CC me in reply; I'm pret'near swamped just now.

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