[wp-hackers] Best way to kick off actual work from plugin settings page?

Matt Jacob matt at mattjacob.com
Mon Jul 12 07:27:28 UTC 2010

On 7/12/10 12:20 AM, John Blackbourn wrote:
> Not at all, this is the purpose of this callback function. I use it
> all the time to sanitize and filter the data I want saved (I also use

Sanitize and filter, sure. I absolutely agree with that. But what about 
this scenario?

User clicks a submit button that says 'Begin Upgrade' or something 
similar. Callback function checks for existence of that input field and 
fires off function to convert, e.g., 1000 records from custom DB table 
to custom post type records.

Maybe I'm getting too philosophical, but it seems like too much work to 
do from a function that's supposed to validate/sanitize inputs. I don't 
see a better way, though.


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