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Sorry but I think you're missing the issue, even after reading every

In fact, no one has yet been able to answer my question - so here it is
again with stars ;)

*** What do we really actually gain from this function? Seriously?

Is the function worth breaking sites of users, and finally taking the
step towards modifying user output?

Code bloat, slight performance degradtion, and modifiying user output
for no compelling reason (please do provide a compelling reason why this
extra filter is needed) seem to be the issues here.

Why stop at Wordpress, why not start forcing all the spelling mistakes

Oh Matt btw - you're "plugin" scenario makes no sense, as Chip pointed
out, your Wordpress to WordPress already has a plugin, has done for


That suggests quite strongly to me that the community do *not* need this
function - wouldn't you agree?

You can't let the fact that many users have downloaded without
complaining - a large majority of all users will never know the function
exists as they will never write Wordpress in a blog post - that's why
the ones who do are kicking up a fuss - I'm sure if other users knew
also they could also be compelled to join the discussion.

Would like to see someone detail the reasons FOR this function/filter.


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On 7/6/2010 2:29 PM, Chip Bennett wrote:
> How about moving the entire function itself into a plugin, and see how
> downloads*it*  gets?

Because it doesn't do any harm, and is the sort of thing that's best 
when it's invisible. (Like all of the other features I referred to.)

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