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> Oh whatever. They can talk about P for 4 days but someone can't help someone
> else.
> It isn't WordPress and it is not a bug.
> You're confusing your server.
> Page Title: Experience Tuscany
> Page Slug:  experience-tuscany
> Domain: thriftytuscany.com
> Sub-Domain: experience-tuscany
> URL: http://experience-tuscany.thriftytuscany.com/experience-tuscany
> If you make the slug different than experience-tuscany you won't get a 404

So, what you're saying is that you can't have a page slug that is the
same as a subdomain? Is there any documentation on this?  Is there
someplace that says, don't name your pages the same as your subdomain?
 If this is so, this sounds like an issue that needs to be addressed
with either documentation or a fix.

> On Tue, Jul 6, 2010 at 2:13 PM, Michael D Adams <mda at blogwaffe.com> wrote:
>> On Tue, Jul 6, 2010 at 9:27 AM, mailapera <mailapera at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > I installed 3.0 and after creating a new page, additional to those I
>> > already had prior to the upgrade to 3.0, my homepage redirects to that
>> > newly created page with a 301 permanent redirect. If I delete the page
>> > the redirect stays and produces a 404 error each time I try to visit
>> > the homepage. To eliminate the error I have to go in the DB and delete
>> > the 301 entry.
>> This list is not a support list.

You shouldn't jump to a conclusion such as this when WP 3.0 has just
come out.  It *could* be a bug.

>> You have a problem with Redirects.  Do you have any redirection
>> plugins installed?  Have you tried looking through the source of your
>> plugins to find mentions of the wp_redirection_items and
>> wp_redirection_modules tables (these are not core tables)?

>> My guess is that this is a problem with Urban Giraffe's Redirection
>> plugin http://urbangiraffe.com/plugins/redirection/  Do you have that
>> plugin installed? If you disable the plugin, does the problem go away
>> (always a good debugging step).

He stated in his original post that he deactivated all the plugins and
there was still an issue.


>> If it is this plugin that's causing the problem, I suggest you move
>> your discussion to those support forums as the people there will be
>> able to help you better.  If they can fix your problem, please also
>> post a note on your WordPress.org forums thread so that people
>> searching that site can get the answer they need.
>> Please also direct future support inquiries to the proper channels.
>> _______________________________________________

In the future, don't jump to conclusions, it makes the rest of us look
like asses.

Elizabeth Buckwalter

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