[wp-hackers] Putting the P in WordPress

ravi ravi-lists at g8o.net
Tue Jul 6 15:42:18 UTC 2010

On Jul 6, 2010, at 6:14 AM, Ben Huson wrote:
> 1. You cannot write "You spell it WordPress not Wordpress" (If you
> want to write this you probably know or can find out how to remove the
> filter)

I am curious: what is the answer that has been offered to the above issue (assuming someone — Matt or someone else -- has answered it). Apologies if it’s all in Trac. The parenthetical response (above) doesn’t quite cut it, IMHO.

Ignoring for the moment the above concern, I see two threads in play here… there is no disagreement, as far as I can tell, that WordPress should be spelled “WordPress”. And despite the claims that large numbers of WordPress enthusiasts are rioting in the streets, Matt’s challenge that they vote with their feet is likely not too bold a gamble. So, arguably, there is no issue with the content of the correction, nor is this turning out to be a matter of great importance for the WP community (at large).

On the other hand, the objections seem to be philosophical (and some of it of the slippery slope variety). Irrespective of its popularity, the argument goes, this is just a bad idea, both in terms of tinkering with a user’s content and in terms of how such acts are carried out. Trademark protection is an unconvincing reason (both because it is being carried out here in a preventive — or “preventative” if you prefer -- manner, and also because free speech issues should — and do? — trump trademark worries).

For whatever I am worth, I must admit to being swayed by the philosophical argument. I think this bit of “corrective” code is likely nothing more than one or a few deeply vested Core developers indulging in scratching a pet itch. However, since I am unmoved by slippery slope arguments (and since I think the issue quoted about regarding spelling is rare and can be addressed in more — admittedly roundabout — ways), I am willing to grant them that and reserve my wrath for when they start replacing “GNU/Linux” with “Linux” (not vice versa!). YMMV.


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