[wp-hackers] wp-hackers Digest, Vol 66, Issue 18

Ash Goodman ash at thinkinginvain.com
Tue Jul 6 10:43:39 UTC 2010

Um, sorry but no.

Forcing people to correct the spelling is not trademark protection.
That's just a ridiculous thing to say. wOrdpRess and Matt and Co have
absolutely no right to force their preferred spelling on the content I
create. It's my expressive freedom, *not* yours.

Yes, this is a tiny, even trivial issue. But the principle is not. And
trying to belittle those who feel strongly about their expressive
freedoms, well that's arrogant and childish.

Matt M. Your rights end where mine begin. You do not own my blog, nor
my copy of worDpreSs. In fact you don't own Wordprs at all you are its
custodian and you have no right to force me to spell the way you wish
me to. It is censorship. The fact that the community feels as strongly
about it as they do should be reason enough to change it.

At the very least you should give them an option "Turn on wordpress
spelling police"

The biggest irony of all about this round of discussion, it started by
me pointing out the arrogance with which Matt M acted in regards to
how he spoke to another user of this mailing list, he replied by
condemning my spelling of worDpreSs (totally ignoring my point):
further arrogance, and now has spewed even more in defense of what has
proven to be an amazingly stupid idea.

To say there is a plugin for it isn't good enough. There should be a
plugin to add the filter, not remove it!

Over the last few months I have made my first foray into communicating
with a community of developers on an open source project and to be
honest, much of the behavior I see disgusts me. People are only
allowed an opinion as long as it agrees with the 'party line' anything
outside that is derided and the speaker belittled.

Matt you seem to forget you are the leader of this community. You are
expected to behave better. You don't get to be arrogant and tell
people to shove off. And "if you don't like it you can take your toys
and go home" attitude isn't what I, or anyone else with respect,
expects to see and hear.

I think your brilliant, you have achieved a lot and at a very young
age. Good on you mate! But I gotta tell you, you don't act successful,
you act spoiled. I have loads of respect for you, but every time I see
you act like this my respect level drops.

Keep this up and *you* will be responsible for splintering the
community, all it takes is a few good, pissed off programmers and
wordpress is forked. I for one do not want to see this happen, but I
can see it coming as clear as day.

Of course, I am nobody so I don't expect to move you. But don't expect
me to spend any more time contributing to this list either. Maybe that
doesn't matter, maybe my contributions would have been worthless,
maybe not. Now none of us will ever know. How many others have you
lost already? How many more before it's too late?

On 6 July 2010 18:14,  <wp-hackers-request at lists.automattic.com> wrote:
> As has been pointed out on this thread, WordPress is a trademark, and as
> such *must* be actively protected, otherwise the trademark status will be
> lost.

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