[wp-hackers] Putting the P in WordPress

Gavin Pearce Gavin.Pearce at 3seven9.com
Tue Jul 6 09:32:45 UTC 2010

I fully agree with Harry here:

1) The vast majority of people seem to be in favor for it being removed
(REF# TRAC, this thread, forums).
2) It *does* break things for many users (some of them are non-technical
so they won't be editing source) - fact.
3) The action the function does is so trivial, and non-critical, it
shouldn't even be core-code IMHO.

Considering the status of the WordPress project - reason 1 should be
enough on its own, but with 2 combined, it's non-debatable. The function
must be removed. 

At the end of the day who CARES if WordPress is Wordpress, Wordress,
wordPress or anything else - remove the function and it'll fix things
for users complaining. If you really want it, use add_filter to add it
back in.

Matt - also FYI, I don't have *any* spare time myself to hang around
mailing lists arguing about points like this, in fact, I have much
better things to be doing than persuading you why you're wrong. That
said, you clearly have time spare for snide remarks yourself though?

At the end of the day, I know it's your code, and your 'baby', but now
your babys all grown up, you have to step back and give it room to think
for itself - eg Wordpress Foundation.

Views here are only in relation to this function - I know users
complaining isn't always a good reason to alter code.

Comments welcome of course.


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Well, actually, most people aren't technical, and therefore in practice 
(if not in theory) are very far from in "complete control" of their

Even if you disagree with that, there seems to me to be a strong 
indication here, and on Trac, that the majority of people commenting 
think this should either go away completely, or be added to the 
spellchecker. Does this count for nothing?

Do you really think it's reasonable to say that we were just all waiting

in the wings for something easy to bitch about? That seems astonishingly

cynical to me.


On 06/07/10 05:19, Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> On 7/5/2010 11:46 PM, Jeff Jason wrote:
>> Why don't people care a little more about implementation and design
>> decisions that actually matter.
> You're completely right. The more trivial the topic, the more people
> likely to have an opinion, because it's easier to do so.
> The fundamental flaw of mailing lists, and arguments like this thread,
> is that they come to be dominated in volume by the people who have the
> most time to post to them.
> As I said before, you are in /complete control/ of your site. It's a
> single line to remove a filter. If you don't like the filter, vote
> your feet or with a plugin. If the function cause a non-trivial number
> of people to avoid 3.0, leave WP, or install a plugin to deactivate I
> would seriously reconsider it. In the absence of that, there are a
> better places to focus my attention with regards to WordPress.
> If someone made a better version of the function and benchmarked it
> to the current or some of our other formatting functions in some
> real-world situations, that would be useful too, and add to the
> discussion rather than the noise. I'd love to see wp-hackers return to
> more, well, hacking.
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