[wp-hackers] File Upload problems with Safari on Mac OS X?

Christopher Ross cross at thisismyurl.com
Mon Jul 5 22:44:31 UTC 2010

Mike, I've had the same problem with Safari while using the Flash uploader but the problem is intermittent and defaulting back to the browser uploader has worked for me. I don't think it's related specifically to wordpress (ha! auto correct that) however as the flash plugin has been crashing off and on for a white now.

To be honest I assumed it was part of the Apple vs. Adobe throw down or a Safari 5 glitch.


On 2010-07-05, at 7:39 PM, Mike Schinkel wrote:

> Has anyone run into problems trying to upload files using Safari (and gotten around it?)
> I'm creating a simple post metabox with an <input type="file"> and about 80% of the file Safari just hangs.  The code works fine in Chrome and Firefox and I've found some references to there being a bug in earlier versions of Safari.  
> Anyone know if there is something I can do to solve this?
> -Mike


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