[wp-hackers] Putting the P in WordPress

Andrew Ozz admin at laptoptips.ca
Mon Jul 5 21:37:52 UTC 2010

I'm still being amazed by how a well meant effort to correct a common 
spelling mistake can be turned into a .... (insert your favourite 
conspiracy theory here).

Grammatically "WordPress" is a name and "Wordpress" is the misspelled 
form of it. And that's in any language. You wouldn't type "Los angeles" 
or "San francisco", would you? Correcting the spelling _does not_ change 
the content or edit your post.

And yes, unfortunately there isn't more straightforward way of 
correcting that spelling. It could be added to the TinyMCE dictionary 
(would need a fair bit of coding since it uses Google spell by default 
but can use aspell/pspell on the server too). The problem is that most 
people usually use the browser's build-in spellchecker and there's no 
way of adding this in there.

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