[wp-hackers] Synchronizing Custom Taxonomies with Custom Post Types?

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at newclarity.net
Sat Jul 3 20:04:40 UTC 2010

On Jul 3, 2010, at 2:11 PM, scribu wrote:
> I've tried and it didn't work out too well.

Care to elaborate?  What problems did you run into?  

My design for this project is already pretty much "baked" (thanks to wireframes from the clients; I could rebuild all the UI but really don't want to) so I'd really appreciate knowing the pitfalls you ran into.

> For many-to-many relationships between posts, I have a little plugin that
> uses the postmeta table to connect posts. Here are the wrapper functions:
> http://plugins.trac.wordpress.org/browser/posts-to-posts/trunk/api.php?rev=249279

Thanks for the link, I'll definitely review it.


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