[wp-hackers] Taxonomies as Top-Level Menus?

Thomas Belknap dragonfly at dragonflyeye.net
Thu Jul 1 13:33:25 UTC 2010

Seems like, with the new post types and taxonomies, the slight flaw in the
design of the left hand nav in the Control Panel is that a taxonomy that
exists in more than one post type shows up in the menu twice. Each post type
that appears in the LHN will include a menu item for that taxonomy even
though its the same. For example, I'm creating post types for "Lesson plan"
and "activity" for teachers. Each should include a tag-type taxonomy called
"Vocabulary." It shows up under both, which is ambiguous and confusing to
end users.

Does it make more sense to move taxonomies to their own top-level menus like
post types are?

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