[wp-hackers] Bug in wp_mail

Ron Guerin ron at vnetworx.net
Sat Feb 27 00:23:23 UTC 2010

Andrew Nacin wrote:
> You could create a ticket for a feature request on
> http://core.trac.wordpress.org to perhaps suggest a "Test e-mail" link next
> to the admin email box in general options, that would send an email to that
> address. Beyond that the core developers strongly dislike extra unnecessary
> options, particularly those that can be handled by a plugin. I could see
> that as being potentially useful.

While that's a laudable goal up to a reasonable point, since when is
fixing your bugs "extra unnecessary options"?  I could tell from the
first reply that what we have here is a bug, and it wasn't a new
discovery, it's just something being swept under the rug while
pretending it doesn't exist.   It would have saved me a few hours last
weekend if they hadn't closed those previously submitted tickets
pretending the problem isn't there without actually fixing the bug.

If you have to use a plugin to fix a bug in the core, that's still a bug
in the core.

- Ron

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