[wp-hackers] Script Install of WordPress Lastest

Ken Newman Ken at adcSTUDIO.com
Tue Feb 16 16:31:11 UTC 2010

Thanks, Yeah, that's basically what I was trying, but it turns out that 
the problem I was having was the unzip function.

I did what you said (didn't work here, but worked fine on another 
version) and then I tried unzipping locally and uploaded (still didn't 
work). A new function was added that borked the update on my particular 
server/php version. So it's not the script that's broken, just the very 
early software ;-) I have faith that it'll be straightened out by 
release. http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/12230

By the way, I was using php exec() to do command lines, as I run in a 
cloud environment (I'd have to get on LiveChat and have someone do the 
command line I believe, and I'm trying to avoid doing that to often). I  
don't know how to use svn, but I guess I'll have to suffer thru some 
more "new learning"

On 2/16/2010 10:45 AM, Jeremy Clarke wrote:
> Ken, another option if the PHP-based automation isn't working is to do
> a normal download to your computer of the zip file, upload THAT with
> FTP to your server, then use SSH to unzip it on the command line. I've
> found this to be much faster than uploading the unzipped files (its
> ~2mb zipped and over 7mb unzipped) and I've never had problems with
> it.
> Obviously an even better solution is to work out a setup where you use
> SVN checkouts, though even I haven't taken the time to get most of my
> sites running that way, especially when the automated updates tend to
> work fairly well.

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