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| > What I mean is that we shouldn't have to justify ourselves about why we
| > wanna do something different from Wordpress's default.

| I understand where you're coming from, but I disagree. The core developers
| have a lot of existing systems to maintain, a huge trac to deal with and
| probably a mile long list of features that they would like to implement.
| They're talented coders, but they aren't robots - they can't just implement
| every request simply because it was requested. Justification is necessary to
| determine a variety of factors such as how many people is this going to
| benefit? How is it going to interact with current systems?

Ah ok I undestand now.

So, maybe permalink parsing was an error when Wordpress was just a blogging engine and now there are other priorities over it to me 

It seems that a lot of ppl makes complains and requests regarding permalink, so I believe many would benefit. I myself am able to 
deal with it.

|Is it just going
| to bloat core when a plugin could handle it? So on and so forth.

It *is* bloating core, and changes are needed to make it easier for plugins to handle it :)

I've been reading the source and trying to understand how rewrite rule is dealt, and it seems too complex to enhance and too bug 
prone :(

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