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| I think that's what everybody is missing. You can. Just because WordPress
| doesn't dumb it down and make it a one-click-fix doesn't mean you can't.

But if it was simpler, then...?

| And yes, there should be a reason. There's no reason why my car shouldn't
| turn on when I'm approaching, stop on its own if somebody is crossing the
| road, and massage my feet on long drives, but it doesn't.

What I mean is that we shouldn't have to justify ourselves about why we wanna do something different from Wordpress's default.

If somebody, regardless the reason, don't wanna have cat base on URL, he should just be allowed to.

And since cat base is just a fix to a performance problem, that problem should be removed so that the fix is not needed anymore.

Instead of discussing "my need is more important than yours", "how much do you need it", "why would you want it off it it's just a 
few string and you can use anything there", just set the feature that adds the performance problem as an option. And whoever 
preferes not using it and having cat base gone, will be happy.

| > The site is mine and I wanna structure it as I want. We shouldn't be
| > forced to use a useless (for us) string just to solve somebody
| > else needs. Wordpress shouldn't limit our possibilities. Period :P
| Custom taxonomies should work like namespaces. If you have three taxonomies,
| such as 'Post', 'Category', and 'Links', these are by definition three
| separate entities. Under any of these you should be able to repeatedly use a
| single slug (since each should act as its own namespace), such as
| 'custom-entry'.
| Now you have three urls;
| http://yoursite.com/post/custom-entry
| http://yoursite.com/category/custom-entry
| http://yoursite.com/link/custom-entry
| These are easily readable, no they're not 10 characters long, but who cares.
| They also readily define what you're looking at. The first is a post, the
| second is a category, the third is a link.
| Now we remove these. Your url is http://yoursite.com/custom-entry which
| makes a couple people happier. How does WordPress tell whether you were
| looking for the post custom-entry, or the category, or the link, or any
| number of possible custom taxonomies? I guess what we should be really
| arguing here is the fact that WordPress doesn't have psychic abilities in
| the core.

Set Category as default, then http://yoursite.com/custom-entry  will mean it's a category :P

You see, that's a problem that would need a solution, but a problem that not everybody would have.

If somebody has a need of "Have groups that will group posts, and these groups will have top visibility on front page". Now explain 
that the URL for all these groups will require a repeated string, making its URL larger.

Heck, somebody may quit Wordpress just because of that. "Just let me have the URL I want, why must that be so difficult???"

Now the questions: why that SHOULDN'T be done, WITHOUT performance penalties?
Why we can't have post permalinks starting with letters without performance penalties?
Why is permalink structure being limited for somebody that don't want it being dymanically parsed?
WHY have it being dynamically parsed at all if they rarely change after being created??


| This doesn't mean we
| should further break the system by adding unnecessary functionality.

This shouldn't mean we'd need to break the system at all.

The system should be clean, simple, fast and expandable (want an exemple? hook system!). And then we develop plugins over it to 
solve our needs.

Of course, a one-author plugin doing the job of the rewrite rule would be ruge and the author would abandon it soon, or start 
charging for it.

But really, there are more ppl wanting to remove cat base or any other change in permalink system than ppl needing a dynamic 
permalink. I assure you most Wordpress users don't even know it's dynamic and structure can be easily changed.

| WordPress shouldn't have to build control panels for every possible
| scenario, it's just not probable or intelligent, not when you can accomplish
| this on your own.

For sure shouldn't. Leave it for plugins ;)

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