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| After thinking about this a bit, I'd like the through out the following
| trawman: why don't we consider deprecating wp_terms and using
| p_posts with a post type of "taxonomy_term" instead?  That would
| ddress numerous concerns; streamline URL routing for taxonomy as
| well as give taxonomy terms descriptions and meta data.  Hmmm?

Do you mean, do this change to to make URL parsing easier?

If it was to make any change in database, I believe it would be better to just have a permalink table and have permalinks static. 
When structure was to be changed, just run a routine adding new rows to the table.

Something like this exemple, each row having these fields:

PK: INT, permalink ID
FK: INT, resource ID
Unique: VARCHAR, permalink

Having a small table only to deal with permalinks, we would have all we need in a unique table, AND parsing would be much faster.

There could be another field, pointing which permalink is the main one. Each resource could have multiple valid permalinks, but when 
an option was enable,  any other permalink other than the main one would make a 301 redirect to it.

Or maybe that field would remain in each resource table. Once the resource is found, just get the main permalink ID and if it's 
different from the found permalink just redirect the the main one.

That would also solve permalink structure changes. Just add new rows for the new structure and set them as main. And also support 
ShortURL, a plugin could be developed to automatically generate ShortURL for created resources, and just add it to the table. When a 
ShortURL was used, it would redirect to the main permalink.

And another plugin could be developed, creating another table with stats info, referencing this table. When structure changed, stats 
would instantly automatically be able to figger where the URL is pointing, and bind stats to the resource and not to the URL, that 
may change throu time.

Having permalinks info centered in a unique place opens a wide range of possibilities. And working with database is easier than 
working with rewrite rules :P

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