[wp-hackers] Some Thoughts/Enhancement Ideas In And Around TheCategory Side Of Things

Mark McWilliams admin at wpkid.com
Mon Feb 15 00:15:43 UTC 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010 9:48 PM mark waterous Wrote:
> This debate has encompassed well over half of the posts on the list 
> lately,
> and I'm not entirely sure how it's been let go on this long.

Yes, and there must be a particular reason it's this long, and nobody has 
said we've to stop which I think would be quite silly at the end of the day, 
isn't this WHY the list was created, or have I got that possibly wrong too?

> Having /category/ in your URL does NOT affect your SEO. If that's the 
> entirety
> of your SEO strategy, you need to go back to your books and start studying
> again. Having /category/ in your URL does NOT affect your sites 
> navigation.

Right, OK, hang on a minute ... WHEN and WHERE did I say that having 
/category/ in my URL affects your SEO? That'll be because I *never* said 
such a thing, right now onto your second point!

Let's show a couple of examples, Example #1:

/ (Obviously home!)
/about/ (That'll be the About Me page)
/category/portfolio/ (Any ideas? - Yeah, the Portfolio category)
/category/blog/ (The Blog category)
/contact/ (So thats the Contact Me page)

And onto Example #2;

/ (Again home)
/about/ (Again the About Me page)
/portfolio/ (Yes, it's the Portfolio Category, looking much better)
/category/ (Damn, that's a bit of a pain, 404 error, but I dont want to link 
to the blog!)
/contact/ (And the same old Contact Me page)

So, please do tell, are you an Example #1 fan or an Example #2 fan? I'll let 
you know where I am, I'm in the Example #2 group, as with many others.

> If your visitors are having to rewrite the URL and guess at what may or 
> may
> not lead them to a new section of the site via personal attention to said
> URL, you have failed at designing your site. This is not WordPress' fault,
> this is your fault. 100% of a web sites visitors should not have to rely 
> on
> browser supplied navigation techniques to traverse your pages, regardless 
> of
> their technical knowledge.

Eh, and when did I say anything like that either? So what you're really 
trying to say is that it's *my* fault WordPress doesn't do anything with 
/category/ and it's *my* fault/stupidity to even think about linking to 
it? - Just because you don't, it doesn't mean many other out there are going 
to follow you, they might want to follow my option!

> There are far more important things that the WordPress core developers 
> could
> and should be working on than this.

I'd disagree, I think this is important in itself! 

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