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| Can it be changed so that if you say it is broken you not only have to give
| a reason, but that reason is sent to the plugin developer so that they can
| get an idea of why people are saying it is broken!

Plugin developers are mad with that feature, another preconception with us since themes don't have this kind of thing :D

Really, just leave it there. I don't think it sould be a user-to-author feature, it should be a user-to-user only.

Anybody that doesn't like you can go and mark as broken all your plugins in all available versions. If they really want something,
they should contact the author in the channel he offers to his users, or just post in the forum.

That feature should not be a replacement to the forum, and last forum posts are just below it.

What would make it better if a broken mark would require a text area fill? If it had to accomplish devs requests, then users would
start requiring a way for author to reply to them, since they are "reporting a bug" and "there is no other way to get a reply from
the author".

Well, if users start seeing it as the main way of reporting bugs, then there really isn't.

Just add to your readme.txt and admin page how your users should contact you, and users that don't contact you... well you can't
guess when your plugin stops working out of your sight.

But I agree that users that makes a plugin work will rarely go back to report so. There should be added a form to
wp-admin/plugins.php where we can report, preferably all plugins at once. It would send plugin version and WP version back home,
saying it's working or broken.

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From: "Eric Mann" <eric at eamann.com>
Sent: Saturday, 13 February, 2010 1:51 PM

| An alternative idea to requiring feedback when reporting something as broken
| would be to include an additional action callback - upon successful
| installation, WordPress could report back to the repository the version of
| the plug-in, the version of WP installed, and mark it as success.

That would break the whole thing. What if a plugin activates just fine and then a function code has a bug? Or a JavaScript code 
breaks something?

Just activating means nothing regarding the plugin well behaving.

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