[wp-hackers] Some Thoughts/Enhancement Ideas In And AroundTheCategory Side Of Things

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Thu Feb 11 02:28:14 UTC 2010

I saw my name mentioned and thought I would chime in.
To reiterate what Mark is saying:

It would be great if WordPress could actually put the place holders for
taxonomies to use. If I were to set up a custom taxonomy on my site called
"fish" and under fish I had the following terms defined: "guppy", "trout"
and "shark" I could easily view a collection of posts that are associated
with each term via these permalinks:


However, what if I wanted to link to a collection of posts that showed all
"fish"? You would think that you could be able to go to: /fish/ to
accomplish this, but instead you are greeted with a 404 page.

I realize that adding the taxonomy slug to the url is how WordPress deals
with rewrites changing /?fish=guppy to /fish/guppy/ which may require
another query var to execute. Perhaps /?taxonomy=fish?

I think that this would be a great addition to core especially when use of
custom taxonomies becomes more widespread.

Hope this helps,

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>>> At the end of the day, WHAT EXACTLY does /category/ do?
>> As I explained in the ticket
>> (http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/12183),
>> it exists to assist with the internal rewrite rules.
> I'll rephrase that then, WHAT EXACTLY does /taxonomy-name-here/ do? I
> mean,
> at the end of the day you could have 100's of these setup, so assisting
> with
> internal rewrite rules is still going to create a huge long list am I not
> right? - Which defeats the purpose?
> So moving away from what it does, why can't we take advantage of it, and
> make it useful? I had an interesting discussion with Michael Fields
> earlier
> on about it, and he completely agrees! You can take a look at what was
> said
> from @wpkid which is me, and @_mfields which is Michael. If it's got to be
> included, then something can be done to enhance it, but still keep it to
> greatly assist in some internal rewrite rules that nobody seems to be
> explaining, but I'm sidetracking now!
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