[wp-hackers] Need Help, I cannot figure this out.

Mike Little wordpress at zed1.com
Fri Feb 5 09:22:12 UTC 2010


A couple of things to check, when the wrong page is delivered, e.g. rss feed
instead of about page, what does the apache log record? It will likely be
difficult to check when the site is busy but looking for a know ip address
at a specific time will help you tie it down. Does the apache log record the
the request was for about or for the feed? If for the about page, then you
can rule out external, influences. I suspect you have got to that stage
The next thing is to tie that request in with the rewrite logs  - I think
Shane has already determined that things look ok.

So you are probably back to something going wrong within WordPress'
execution chain.

It may be a shot in the dark, but I once had a vaguely similar issue with a
client's site. In this case the page title was being set to the wrong thing.
So the home page might  have a title tag of search results! It
was intermittent (but was then cached by a front end caching server!) but
was defintiley happening under high load.

I had just enabled All in one SEO plugin, and when I turned it off again, it
went away.

I think it was going wrong because AIOSEO does whole page buffering and I
believed that there might be a threading issue  with specific versions of
PHP and output buffering. So that the buffered contents of one request were
returned to the code running a different request. In my case the site was
running an out of date version of PHP, and running on Windows.

I see you are not running on Windows, but I think it is worth checking these
two things.
Are you running a plugin that does lots of output buffering?
and is your version of PHP up-to-date?

Another thing I would try: When you get a wrong page - save the HTML and
headers. Then access the page you received directly and save the HTML and
headers. Compare the two pairs (possibly ignoring time stamps). If they are
identical, then the error may well be in the template/redirection logic
within WordPress and it's plugins.
If they are different, then I would more strongly suspect output buffering.

Hope this helps,

Mike Little

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