[wp-hackers] Need Help, I cannot figure this out.

Jeremi Bergman jeremib at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 13:51:45 UTC 2010

I need some help, and we're willing to pay someone to help us.

We have a wordpress powered site, mrsec.com.  In Firefox, when I click on a
team logo at the top, which takes you to the archives, or even when you
click on About us which takes you to a page, more often then not I get an
RSS feed, even though the url is correct (meaning it's not the feed url).

If I do a SHIFT+Refresh while on the Rss feed page, the correct archive page
them loads.

I have had multiple people test this from multiple ISPs and from both Mac
and Windows, and they all get the same thing.

I have recreated the theme from scratch, still no luck.  I have disabled all
plugins, still no luck.  At this point I have exhausted my options except
paying someone else to take a look at it, maybe even digg into the source
code, etc.

I'm on the latest version.

Thanks for any insight.

Jeremi Bergman

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