[wp-hackers] Rebuild media archive

André Schieleit wpHackersList at anschitech.de
Tue Jun 30 18:06:19 GMT 2009


don't know if this is the right place for this question but I could  
not find an answer in the forums or the net.
I recently moved my blog from one domain to an other. I exported all  
the old articles and imported them on the new site.
Because there were only a few articles I manually changed the links  
to pictures pointing to the new domain.
Today I noticed that only the pictures of new articles are listed in  
the media archive.
Is there any way to import all the old pictures that are in the media  
directory into the media archive?
I know about the plugin Add From Server but this is not what I am  
looking for.
I am looking for a way that links the pictures to the articles where  
they are displayed.

Any ideas or links to useful information?

Best Regards,

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