[wp-hackers] Address and name used in notification messages

Simon Blackbourn piemanek at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 14:41:58 GMT 2009


When you set up a new WordPress site, it asks you for an email address. This
then populates the 'admin_email' option, as well as the administrator's user
profile. But then this address doesn't seem to get used for notifications,
instead they come from "WordPress <wordpress at myblog.com>". This is a totally
made-up address that the blog owner has no control over as it doesn't appear
in any options anywhere.

Should a user reply to a notification email (which is certainly likely,
especially with non-teccie users) it won't go anywhere unless you've set up
an email address (or alias) of that name on your hosting.

Some email-sending functions are in pluggable.php so can be overridden to
use a different From name and address (e.g. wp_new_user_notification,
wp_notify_postauthor, wp_notify_moderator) but others are not (e.g.

It seems to me that:

1. The From name should be the 'blogname' option, rather than "WordPress".

2. The From address should be the admin_email option, rather than
wordpress at myblog.com.

3. The option name 'admin_email' is confusing, because it's actually the
blog email address, not the admnistrator's (the administrator's email
address is in their user profile). It would make more sense to have the
option name called 'blog_email', then on the general options screen you'd
have 'Blog title', 'Blog address' and 'Blog email'.

4. If some email-sending functions are currently in pluggable.php, then all
of them should be there for consistency.

There may be good arguments against some of these that I haven't thought of,
I'm sure you'll let me know if there are!


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