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Jeremy Clarke jer at
Thu Jun 18 14:18:30 GMT 2009

On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 9:26 AM, Lynne Pope<lynne.pope at> wrote:
> The same argument applies - inline styles override user styles.User styles
> in this case being the uniform UA implemented by feed aggregators as well as
> the end user who may have styled their own reader experience.

I agree on principal with what you're saying, but if only for my
personal curiosity, do you really think that a few key styles will
really break people's style customizations? I mean, in the context of
a blog post .alignright is almost structural for the content. An image
that's .alignright has a very specific semantic relationship with the
paragraph that follows it (e.g. it might say 'the photo to the right'
in the text). I can't help thinking that in these cases having inline
styles for float: and margin-left: (or margin-right:, i just mean
defining the margin opposite the float) not only makes sense but is
almost necessary. Having any kind of complex post layout in a feed
reader is impossible otherwise.

Not saying filtering .alignright into styles for RSS should be in
core, but I think it's a pretty acceptable practice when your content
depends on it (I do it manually on my blog and I haven't recieved any
complaints :P )

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