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I'm trying to understand this.  I think I'm struggling with the Parent/Child metaphor where the child can't exist w/o the (specific) parent much like how an (child) Line Item cannot exist without the context of a (parent) Invoice.

I'm thinking plugins are more like functions that can be called by other functions, or like URLs that can be linked from pages located at other URLs.  In both of those cases that called/linked function/URL doesn't have to define it's caller/referrer.

So are you suggesting a model that requires all child plugins identify their parents?  IOW, a model were no child plugins could be used by more than one parent plugin?

-Mike Schinkel
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> Still, does your approach *require* a parent-child inheritance
> relationship?

No, child_class does not *extend* parent_class or parent_tool, if that's
what you were asking.

But for the activation thing to work, the child class has to call

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