[wp-hackers] Plugin dependency checking

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at newclarity.net
Fri Jun 12 16:34:35 GMT 2009

> "Stephen Rider" <wp-hackers at striderweb.com> wrote:
> Determining what needs to be downloaded/installed may not be. 
> (More later RE version checking....)


> The same plugin appearing in more than one place will  
> confuse the heck out of users.

While I like your sub-plugin model, will it confuse users if two (2) different plugins use the same sub-plugin?  I know you are thinking of plugins specifically made for another plugin but someone could easily choose to implement the same interface so they could have ready-made add-ins for their own plugin.  

Just a point to ponder... 

> Okay... one difference for dependents: taking a tip from Drupal, 
> we should add a small line below the Description that says 
> "Requires: Plugin X, Plugin Y".


>>> 1) via good old plugin_basename.  "myplugin/myplugin.php" is well
>>> established in WP, and **by definition** unique.
>> The Extend slug is also unique.
> True, but not all plugins have one.  Also, I'm trying to keep 
> the code straightforward, and using Extend slug complicates things.  
> With plugin_basename we directly identify the plugin file.  

Point of note, until just now I didn't realize they were unique (i.e. that it would be a problem if I renamed that file.) FWIW I wish they were not unique so I wouldn't be constrained on the file naming, but oh well.

> Of course, if a plugin registers itself, it can use its Extend slug 
> as the keyword. ;-)

That's better.

-Mike Schinkel
Custom Wordpress Plugins

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