[wp-hackers] Plugin dependency checking

scribu scribu at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 00:20:38 GMT 2009

> In terms of interface, sub-plugins would fall under the collapsable area
> under their Master plugin.  Simply dependent plugins would look like regular
> plugins on the list.

I think a better way to display dependency information is to have a prompt
that tells you which plugin depends on which. This prompt would only show up
when a user tries to activate or deactivate one or more plugins. This way,
we don't get three types of plugins.

You would have to be able to specify a minimum *version* of the master
> plugin.  "Depends on Spam Karma v2.0".  Don't want to run a plugin that
> needs v2.0 of another one, when v1.3 of that other is installed.


That would be super.  Question: what unique identifier would be used in the
> "Depends On:" header?

Ideally, it would be the "Plugin Name" of the parent plugin. But given the
fact that versions would also be required, I think a function like
set_dependencies(__FILE__, array('Spam Karma' => 1.3, ...)) would be better.


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