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Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at newclarity.net
Thu Jun 11 22:40:43 GMT 2009

Is there any reason why WordPress doesn't/we couldn't (shouldn't?) keep an array of plugin directories keys by plugin name (from WordPress.org's URL slug) and then have a function to retrieve the directory by name/slug?  Non-hosted plugins could expose a name but not be guaranteed they are unique. This would provide the ability to have a function(s) like:


I'm assuming WordPress has to scan the plugins directory at some point so why not save it for convenience of coding and to have a canonical method for determining info about a plugin?  

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Well, ya but there's a catch 22 there. Without having bp loaded I can't 
check for the bp plugin dir const. The plugin has to tell me those 
things. If it's loaded I don't have to, if it isn't I can't. :)

scribu wrote:
> Btw, I noticed you have to hardcode 'buddypress/bp-loader.php'.
> It's a ((minor) problem because if either the buddypress folder is renamed
> or bp-loader.php is replaced with something else, the dependant plugin will
> break.

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