[wp-hackers] Plugin dependency checking

scribu scribu at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 10:57:16 GMT 2009

First of all, great to see WP 2.8 finally comming out. In the official blog
post, dependency checking was mentioned at the end. What I have in mind
might not be the same thing but it is related, so here goes:

I have a plugin toolkit called
which I would like to package as a base plugin.

The solution I found involves two steps:

1. Get the base plugin to be the first plugin that is loaded, so that the
classes are available to all the rest of the plugins. This is done
2. In each child plugin, check if the base plugin is installed. If not,
deactivate the child plugin and issue a notice. This is done in

Step two requires ticket #9991
<http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/9991>to be fixed, so that the
user doesn't get two notices when he tries to
activate the child plugin.

Any thoughts on this method? Are there any plans to have an equivalent
mechanism in WP 2.9?


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