[wp-hackers] how to cache w/ php in WP templates

David J. Bisset dbisset at dimensionmedia.com
Wed Feb 18 20:34:43 GMT 2009

I use wp-super-cache and love it, but it really isn't effective on  
site where i have php code in the header and other templates.

I can't have some particular php functions "cached" because (for  
example) one php function checks a client-side cookie and outputs html  
based on the value. Cache that, and the same html will be output  

Once upon a time, wp-cache had functions you could surround php  
functions to NOT cache them. I get the impression that is no longer  
possible. Can anyone here confirm and if it's true provide an  
alternate solution (with or without wp-super-cache)?

Oh, and if anyone is going to Wordcamp Miami this Sunday hit me up on  
Twitter! :)

Thanks in advance.

David Bisset
Director of Web Development
Dimension Media, Inc.

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