[wp-hackers] Improve community features on wordpress.org/trac

Joost de Valk joost at yoast.com
Fri Feb 6 07:06:58 GMT 2009

On Feb 6, 2009, at 8:03 AM, Ryan McCue wrote:

> Beau Lebens wrote:
>> - Use the same theme/template (at least just header/footer) on
>> trac.wordpress.org
> -1 on that. I definitely prefer having the standard Trac interface, as
> it simplifies things a lot more. Trac isn't in the site's navigation
> itself, so IMHO, it shouldn't be. All the Trac sites that I've seen
> integrated look like crap to me.
Besides that, other people who are new to developing for WP but know  
Trac would have an advantage because Trac is default. It's not a thing  
for normal users, so keep it this way :) You might consider making an  
easier way to submit bugs on wp.org itself, but be prepared for an  
onslaught of bug submissions :)

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