[wp-hackers] CDN Integration?

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at newclarity.net
Wed Feb 4 01:41:20 GMT 2009

Yes, thanks. 

I've actually just completed the work on a (mostly generic) plugin for (Limelight) CDN integration and applied it to the theme of the site we are building. Unfortunately the NextGen Gallery which we are using has several hard-coded references to get_option('site_url') which means I have to modify his plug in order to use it and I want to avoid modifying other's code if possible.  This is an example of why it would be nice to have a better vetted image management api, but I digress.

It occurs to me that what would be helpful would be to add the following to get_bloginfo():


And maybe more. These could then default to the theme + the file (i.e. get_bloginfo('template_url')+'/images', etc.) and be stated it's a best practice to use these in themes and plugins. 

If I had these and there were used correctly I could write a CDN Integration plugin that would be (almost?) seemless.

-Mike Schinkel

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Don't forget that you can set up WordPress to upload to any path on your
server. I for example have WordPress store my files on a different HTTPD
(lighttpd) off on another part of the server (different subdomain than the
main site).

I'd imagine you could do the same kinda thing if you can set up syncing
between a folder on your server and the CDN and if you can guess the URLs it
will result in.

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