[wp-hackers] Quest for Self Pingbacks

Chris Kasten handy.solo at gmail.com
Sat Aug 29 21:41:34 UTC 2009

I'm hosted on Dreamhost. As mentioned earlier, self pings were good until
the beginning of this year (which may coincide with a WP release? I can't
recall now).
I also tried a pingback from one of my blogs to the other (but both on
Dreamhost and both in same domain). Same deal, no pingback and nothing in
the ping fields in the Posts table.

I just tested a future post and it worked. What else would you like me to
try? I get the same results with my blog as I do with a test blog (no
plugins / default theme).

I guess one next step would be to get one going locally (as in not on
Dreamhost) and see how self pings go there. Anything else I should look at?

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