[wp-hackers] Post in appropriate category view.

Diaan Mynhardt diaan at dreamfoundry.co.za
Thu Aug 20 13:33:08 UTC 2009

Hello all

I have a problem that I am unable to solve. I can best describe it with 
a simple scenario.

Lets say I have 30 posts in a category and I am displaying that category 
as 3 pages of 10 posts each. Post 1-10 on page one, 11-20 on page two, 
and so on.

When viewing, say, post 15 on it's own I would like to be have a link 
that takes me directly to page two of the category view where post 15 is 

I can think of various computationally intense methods of doing this, 
but I'm hoping that there is some simpler method.

(Also, I hope the solution hasn't been staring me in the face.)

Diaan Mynhardt
+27 84 580 6018

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