[wp-hackers] Quck edit author problem

SoJ Web sojweb at indiana.edu
Wed Aug 12 15:56:37 UTC 2009

I'm having a problem with the Quick Edit function as described here:


Essentially, if you have a post by a certain author, then change the  
role of that author to subscriber, and then use the quick edit feature  
to edit the post (to say, change the title), the author is set to  
whoever made the edit. According to the ticket this is fixed, but it's  
still doing it for me in 2.8.4

There is a simple fix for it that I attached to the ticket as a patch,  
but I wanted to run it by the list to see if maybe I'm missing  
something. This isn't the way it's supposed to work, is it?

-Jeff Johnson

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