[wp-hackers] Request for new mailing list wp-accessibility

Lynne Pope lynne.pope at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 01:31:20 UTC 2009

2009/8/11 David Clark <david at davidsaccess.com>

> I , for one, would like to be on record as saying this is a HORRIBLE
> idea - especially in 2009. As someone that has been involved in web
> accessibility since 1996 (yes, before the formation of WAI) and
> wordpress developer since pre-1.2, I feel strongly that accessibility
> is nothing more stan standards based development. Separate is not
> equal, and detracts from widespread awareness/adoption.

This list is not for keeping accessibility separate - it simpy provides an
area where those with an interest and/or expertise in understanding web
accessibility can get together to discuss areas of concern within the
WordPress core code, and agree on patches to the code to address
accessibility issues.

These kinds of discussions have been held periodically on wp-hackers, with
the result of creating noise for those whose interest lies in other
directions. As a result of some of those discussions amongst programmers,
well-meaning but damaging changes were proposed (such as alt tags on
labels). Sure, that example is one where Standards are broken, but the end
result of wp-hackers discussions is that we saw a lot of well-intentioned
developers setting themselves up for a lot of unnecessary work that would
have left WordPress less accessible. IMO, there needed to be a place where
an informal workgroup could get together and address accessibility issues. I
made the request for this mailing list after first raising the idea on
wp-hackers, and getting support for it there and through external

Users need to have a place to raise accessibility issues and those working
with ATAG, WAI, and WCAG may not necessarily be PHP coders or have any
interest in wading through all the wp-hacker discussions. There was no other
mailing list suitable. Raising awareness of accessibility is not the
intention but could well be the outcome if enough people get behind the
initiative to make WordPress accessible.

I am sorry that you feel the existance of this list is a horrible idea. It
was mooted (and discussed) for several months before it became reality and
until now, there has only been a positive response.


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