[wp-hackers] Non-automated translation?

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Thu Aug 6 17:59:22 UTC 2009

Bryan Harley wrote:
> Does anyone know of a non-automated translation plugin?  I want to be
> able to supply my own translation.  Not talking about localizing
> themes or plugins, but strictly translation of the page and post
> contents.

This mailing list is not the right place to ask the question you are 
asking (you should have posted it in the support forums -- this list 
is to ask questions about plugin development, not to find plugins)... 
So I'll keep my answer brief: you are looking for a "multi-lingual" 

Two I know of:
  - Language Switcher (mine): http://poplarware.com/languageplugin.html
  - Gengo - you'll have to search for it
  - Or try Google or wordpress.org/extend/plugins to search for more

Good luck!


Jennifer Hodgdon * Poplar ProductivityWare
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