[wp-hackers] Load Balancing | Media Uploads to Multiple Servers

Matt Martz matt at sivel.net
Wed Aug 5 20:25:24 UTC 2009

2009/8/5 Pixline › Paolo Tresso <supporto at pixline.net>:
> Il giorno 05/ago/09, alle ore 20:52, Steve Pellham ha scritto:
>> I know there are no perfect solutions and no such thing as 100% uptime,
>> but
>> I'm making a best effort.
> btw, we had it, with just that setup, at least for one year :-)
> p.

In my opinion if you are setting up wordpress on a geographically
diverse set of servers the best thing to do would be to place
wp-content or even just uploads on a distributed file system, or on a
storage server or set of storage servers with a distributed
filesystem.  Whether the storage servers are NAS or SAN shouldn't
really matter.  I have had very good results with Suns Lustre File
System (http://www.lustre.org).

rsync/csync solutions all have their down falls such as multi
directional syncing.  In the event of timed syncs they can be too long
for certain tasks.  Relying on a inotify or dnotify event also means
that you are relying on a process that is not perfect.

I'll just keep my opinions related to file system and leave DB out of
it for the time being.

Matt Martz
matt at sivel.net

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