[wp-hackers] widget select field problems?

Andrew Ozz admin at laptoptips.ca
Tue Aug 4 02:05:24 UTC 2009

Stephanie Leary wrote:
> I think my problem has more to do with jQuery, since the hand-coded 
> dropdowns display correctly when refreshing the page but not when saving 
> the widget options.

Each widget is reloaded after saving. If you look in the ajax return 
(easily done in Firebug), does the html look ok?

There's also a js function to remove the for=".." attribute from all 
labels that have nested form elements like these:
<label for="baz"><input id="baz" ... /></label> since they are not 
needed there and seem to trigger a bug in sortable.js where nothing in 
the widget can be selected. Don't think that interferes with the selects.

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