[wp-hackers] Does a reliable "Popular Posts" plugin exist?

RePost repost_08 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 3 21:52:09 UTC 2009

Malaiac wrote:
> 2009/8/3 RePost <repost_08 at yahoo.com>:
>> Does a reliable "Popular Posts" plugin exist? Is anybody working on one? How
>> complicated would it be to create one?
> http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/stats-reports/
> Based on WordPress.com Stats API
> (auto promo)

Nice plugin, Malaiac, but documentation is light, to say the least.

The only parameter I can get to work is 'limit='. How do I remove the 
title; set the plugin so it does not show total views; and show posts 
only, and not pages? I tried 'show title=0', but again, this didn't work.

Here are the parameters as you show them in the docs. Can you provide 
further explanation? Also, what do you mean by "cache duration"?

Default parameters:
limit=5&echo=1&show_title=1&show_description=0&title_li=<depending on 
where <table> is one of [postviews,clicks,referrers,searchterms]


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