[wp-hackers] Changing the clock format in Write > Post

Alexander Beutl xel at netgra.de
Sun May 4 17:51:09 GMT 2008

> So what do you all think at this point? Ozh made a suggestion on the
> trac ticket that I really liked, making this a global option that can
> be overridden by a user if so desired. It seems like a more elegant
> way of doing this, but I'm not sure if I really understand the way the
> logic would need to change to support that. Aside from less records in
> the db, what other advantages would doing this have?

That if you create a US blog with ~20 Bloggers not everyone will have to
reset the radiobutton just because they all want the 12h format.

> The code would remain the same for the most part, and maybe even slightly
> more
> complicated (this is an assumption, I imagine that coding for a new
> global option + per user overrides would be more involved than a
> single user option, correct me if I'm wrong :) )

somewhat like

if( $user_setting == '12h' || ($user_setting == 'use_default' &&
$default_setting == '12h')) {
  // 12h code
} else {
  // 24h code

don't know if you want an additional OR condition with 2 AND-combined
conditions complicated - choose yourselfe.

Per User setting would be an selection list with
-- use blog default
-- 24h format
-- 12h format

Global Setting would only need a checkbox with 'use 12h time format' or a
radio button group with both 24h and 12h.

I'd also point out that even though some of us
> find it easy to read/set a 24-hour clock, pretty much EVERYONE knows
> how to read/set a 12-hour clock.

For most people normally handling 24h format it will be no problem to say 15
= 3 BUT they will not have any idea what "am" and "pm" means. I learned it
in english lessons - but not everyone had english at school. And since there
are no abbr. for this in those languages there is no way to tell them (and
you can not use any self explaining stuff since there is no room for it)

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