[wp-hackers] Plugin activation fatal error

Sabin Iacob iacobs at m0n5t3r.info
Tue Jan 15 11:11:24 GMT 2008

Austin Matzko wrote:
> In similar situations, I've just commented out the body of the plugin,
> activated it (with no errors), then un-commented it

if this worked, then probably the activation was failing due to
exhausting the available memory; amazingly or not, there are still hosts
that use memory_limit = 8M in the php config; a vanilla wordpress was
taking up around 5.5 MB of memory the last time I checked (2.2, I
think), and plugins add to that; I had this problem reported to me with
a plugin that I wrote, and discovered that a php library that I was
using managed to eat about 2 MB of memory, and managed to work around
the problem by loading the thing only when needed.

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