[wp-hackers] Requesting help with MySQL functions

MLR mlrichard at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 17:10:26 GMT 2008


I have a few pickles with client installations that I would like to resolve
using SQL functions. I come from a MSSQL and programming background but my
work now is more geared towards coaching and supporting bloggers who are not
technologically inclined and personalizing WordPress so they think it is

They can come up with the most novel ways of breaking their WordPress with
dubious plugins or themes and I do my best to fix it.

I would like to build a mentoring relationship with someone who is all about
the mechanics of WordPress. I really wish to connect with a WP-Hacker and
this is why I am not posting this in the WP-pro list. I don't really have
anything to offer in return but I am keen anough to figure out how I can
contribute to you work in the long run.

I understand what makes the car work but I don't wish to reverse engineer
every car that comes in the shop.

Please reply to me privately.



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