[wp-hackers] Can someone verify this

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Wed Apr 16 17:39:20 GMT 2008

gbellucci wrote:
> WordPress 2.5
> Go to Manage / Pages
> Assign a page a parent and save the change
> Go to Manage / Categories
> You now have a new category named '1'

I just did a completely fresh install of the WP 2.5 download and tried 
this, with a completely new database.  What I did:

a) Created two pages (from Write / Page)

b) Went to Manage / Pages, clicked on a page to edit it (you can't 
assign a page parent directly on Manage Pages that I can see), and 
assigned a page a parent

c) Went to Manage / Categories. There is no problem. Only the default 
"uncategorized" category is there.

Maybe you have a plugin that screwed things up? Or the database had 
something odd in it from a previous install?


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