[wp-hackers] Shirley you jest!

Bernard D. Tremblay (ben) bentrem at aol.com
Wed Apr 2 02:27:59 GMT 2008

I upgraded to 2.5 and uploaded the theme I'd found on wp.com ... Andreas04.
The upgrade was not only painless but fast, too.
With the new theme activated I went to Presentation / Widgets.
Of course it wasn't there.

I located "Manage" ...
... haaa! Great April Fool's Day joke!

Instead of seeing both sidebars like on .com Presentation huh huh ...
... dealing with widgets in 2 sidebars, seeing only 1 sidebar at a time.

That's hilarious ... such a classic regression in function!

And not being able to access the default widgets? That's a great touch.


p.s. a bit over the line, though: the theme is glorious on .com and the 
sidebars are all tumbled in 2.5 ...
... are you going to do a release for April 2?

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