[wp-hackers] Call for Plugin Developer

Sabin Iacob iacobs at m0n5t3r.info
Sun Mar 18 20:21:43 GMT 2007

jason switzer wrote:
> I was hoping I could find someone to develop a plugin that I'd like to 
> see
> (it may not even have to be a plugin, just a page). I don't have the 
> time to
> develop this myself, so I was looking for someone to do the ground work.

lol; me too :)
do you know Inline Gallery? 

> I've never been overly fond of the basic photography plugins available 
> as it
> requires the web server to do the work. The user has to upload the images
> and let the plugin do the grunt work. I serve my site from a self-managed
> machine because it's easier to maintain. I also have a very powerful 
> desktop
> machine that can handle my image processing needs. I want to use f-spot
> (more on this later) to manage my image library because it has many of 
> the
> features I want (such as tagging, searching, metadata browser) in an
> interface that is no where near as clunky as most web based gallery 
> engines.

I agree; there are some things that are best done by desktop software, 
and photo editing is one of them; I didn't know about f-spot (probably 
because I don't like the idea of a bazillion of gnome services eating 
memory - I already have Firefox and Thunderbird for that - hence I use 
xfce). Is the documentation of the protocols it uses for publishing 
available anywhere (in a shortened version, preferably :))?

I also don't understand very well how f-spot stores metadata; if it 
stores it in the photos, (as God and Adobe intended it to), then the 
only thing to do is a web service that implements one of the protocols 
used by f-spot for publishing, as Inline Gallery reads the said 
metadata; oherwise, a few more function calls are required :)

> If anyone out there has any interest in this, please drop me a line.

line dropped :)

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