[wp-hackers] using translated strings for action names

Sabin Iacob iacobs at m0n5t3r.info
Sun Jul 1 07:23:43 GMT 2007

FUJINAKA Tohru wrote:
>> This seems reasonable (although it looks like a textbook case for the 
>> YAFL antipattern), but...
> How come is it reasonable?
> It isn't enough that just using $file argument of add_xxx_page() to
> build action names?

the mechanism seems thought out for people that put everything (almost 
everything... I haven't seen someone retarded enough to also put images) 
in one gigantic file; otherwise, it is really YAFL (Yet Another Layer - 
to use the description from Wikipedia which avoids the F :D):

> Conditions:
>  a. in case add_xxx_page() without the last argument $function, 
>     $file must be unique among WP and related files.

in this case, $file should be a plugin_basename and that's it. no more 
action hook lookup, just include it if possible; this is similar to the 
current behaviour for options pages

>  b. in case add_xxx_page() with the last argument $function set, 
>     $file is used just for action names, not used by `include'.
>     so plugin developer could set $file freely like as an unique ID.
>     Without framework's help that adding prefix from parent's menu
>     text and `_page_', developers still make hook tags to be unique.

... or make sure the name is predictible (build $admin_page_hooks before 
loading l10n)

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