[wp-hackers] Disable text formatting for posts?

simon travis lists at ionous.net
Mon Jan 15 15:28:56 GMT 2007

have you tried using lists or tables?
with lists every new <ul> gives you another level of indent in your code.
with tables ( tho i havent tried this yet ) people seem to have a table 
of one row one column and put all their text in that single field.

you can see an example of lists working on my site:

hope that helps,

Roberto Tavares wrote:
> Nop, it gets all in one line...
> If I enter (on html box):
> [code]
> <pre>
> line 1
> line 2
> </pre>
> [/code]
> I get on the database:
> [code]
> <pre>line 1 line 2</pre>
> [/code]fim do teste
> Is there a way to disable post formatting on editing?
> Thanks!
> Roberto

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