[wp-hackers] Final push for 2.1

Charles lists06 at wiltgen.net
Mon Jan 8 19:20:37 GMT 2007

> A lot of issues can only be found once WP is deployed in quantity -
> in order for that to happen we have to try to get as many people as
> possible to use WP 2.1 before its *official* release.

Speaking of that, I'd like to graduate from "one who uses production releases only after they've been out for a month" to "one who sometimes deploys beta releases", starting with the 2.1 beta.

The WordPress site doesn't have a link to get the 2.1 beta.  I've joined WP Testers, but in the meantime I could use some guidance:

	- Should I be using the latest beta release posted to that forum?  (In which case, could someone please post the URL?)

	- Or, is the recommendation to get the latest 2.1 nightly via SVN?


-- Charles

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