[wp-hackers] forum integration

John Mulholland johnmulholland at fastmail.fm
Sat Jan 28 10:00:39 GMT 2006


My wp is becoming increasingly important to me, but I still find myself 
posting on a lot of forums. So I have been thinking a lot lately about 
how wp could be used to integrate with various message boards. Would it 
be possible to hack a plugin together that would do the following;

1. when posting to a forum, also post to wp
2. when a reply to post on forum is made, wp updates comments into 
threads accordingly.
3. wp notification of posts of interest

This would of course need some hacking of forum software, but in theory 
it should be possible. I am thinking of a -also post to blog- checkbox 
type function, so people can opt in. Although I am not sure what the 
situation is with smf, phpbb, and vbulletin hooks.

If blogs really are the simplest way to realise cultural capital into 
filthy money, then it would be great to have a central place for forum 
posts - regardless of which forum they are posted in.

Is this a complete non starter? If not, is anyone interested?


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